Wie zukunftsfähig ist Thailand denn schon?

Politik und Wirtschaft in Thailand
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Beitrag von Somrak » So 7. Aug 2016, 13:57

Alles friedlich abgelaufen.

Hasta la victoria siempre

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Beitrag von berndgrimm » Sa 3. Sep 2016, 03:36

Is ‘Nam Jai’ more than just a word in Thailand?
Kornchanok Raksaseri
Special to The Nation September 3, 2016 1:00 am
In nine days, a video post by OHPA TV on Facebook was shared 140,000 times, attracting 76,500 Likes and 4.4 million views. Its caption says, “When the whole world call us ‘Thai ja’ [so Thai]”.
The clip starts with these messages: "Thailand is not a developing country. But it has been 'the most developed it can be and it is still like this', as it will be in the next 20 years. The problem is Thai's conscience and just the phrase, 'Everybody does this'."

The video shows a lot of disagreeable behaviour: cars parked on footpaths, motorcycles ridden on footpaths or stopped at crosswalks, vehicles hitting people as they walk at a crosswalk, cars speeding through yellow traffic lights and motorcycle drivers riding in the middle of the road instead of in the left lane.

"Can't you wait for the green light? Are you rushing to die? You drove against the direction of traffic, that's wrong, and how come you used high-beam lights to chase others who come in the right lane?" the clip asks.

"Are we ignoring this behaviour? We believe that your conscience is there but you just ignored it. No need to wait for other people to remind you. Use your conscience and think about it," the clip says. The video clip ends with pedestrians who gathered as a group on a footpath to block a motorcycle and successfully force it to go back on the street.
He conveyed a message he overheard as two foreigners were talking in a fast food restaurant in Bangkok.

"The basic behaviour of people in my country is disciplined, but the basic behaviour of Thais is selfishness," one of the two said.

"Thais will be selfish every time that they can, parking on footpaths, in bike lanes, they even make a U-turn and suddenly park the car," he said.

He used to think the word "nam jai", which means kindness or thoughtfulness, to describe the decency of Thai people but said he knew nowadays it opened the way for selfishness, the writer wrote.

"If you don't allow anyone to cut the queue in a restaurant = You lack nam jai."

"If you don't allow a driver to stop a car on the left lane to buy some goods = You lack nam jai."

"If you don't give way to motorcyclists riding on the footpath = You lack nam jai."

"A foreigner said 'nam jai' was among the first words he learned when arriving in this country but now it is a 'disgusting word'," the blogger wrote, adding that "Why should we offer 'nam jai' for selfish people?"

Sasinut Limchaijareon wrote: "I admit that I am not fully disciplined while driving. I will change so that Thailand can be better."

Rangsiman Thianhirun commented: "I disagree. Some Thais love to please Westerners and let them rebuke us despite many good things in Thailand where a lot of foreigners try to move to."

Utain Shartpinyo shared and wrote: "What do we think about this article? Is it true? What should we do? Or just ignore it?"
Wer wettet gegen ignorieren?
Es ist ja löblich dass sich überhaupt ein paar Thai Gedanken machen, aber Realität in Thailand ist nun einmal
dass die absolute Mehrheit der Thai nur in ihrer Traumwelt lebt und die Realität ausblendet.
Und wenn sie mit der Realität konfrontiert werden, dann werden sie zu Mördern und Selbstmördern.
Das Ergebnis von 76.5k Likes bei 4,4M Klicks zeigt deutlich was hier Mehrheitsfähig ist!
Es sind 1,7% Zustimmung!
Some Thais love to please Westerners and let them rebuke us despite many good things in Thailand where a lot of foreigners try to move to
Nur wenige haben die Schnauze so voll von diesem Paradies dass sie die Sachen packen und abhauen.
Bei uns ist es soweit!
Wir haben grosse Hoffnungen auf diese Militärdiktatur gesetzt die nach zweieinhalb Jahren
alle enttäuscht wurden!
Nach meiner Meinung brauch Thailand eine autoritäre Regierung und vor Allem braucht es hier
einen Polizeistaat!
Thais haben nicht zuwenig sondern zuviel Freiheit und können mit dieser nichts anfangen
weil sie total verantwortungslos und zu einem strukturierten Leben nicht fähig sind.
Aber zu einem Polizeistaat gehört eine verlässliche Polizei die es hier nicht gibt und
wohl auch nie geben wird.
Die Thais sind mit dem kriminellen Misthaufen der hier immer noch "Polizei" spielt
sehr zufrieden weil sie sich für kleines Geld von jedem Verbrechen freikaufen können.
Deshalb ist Thailand auch das Paradies für ausländische Kriminelle,Betrüger und Perverse.

Ordnung lernt ein Thai nur sehr schwer bis nie, aber bescheissen lernt er sofort!
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Beitrag von berndgrimm » Di 20. Sep 2016, 14:31

Time to clear the air

From an expat's viewpoint, the two most annoying and unhealthy aspects of life in Thailand, especially in Bangkok and Chiang Mai, where most people visit and live, are the severe pollution of the air we all breathe here and the deafening roar of noise that booms constantly from the streets, day and night. Both of these problems come from the same source: The internal combustion engines on buses, trucks, cars, motorcycles, and -- most of all -- the iconic Thai tuk-tuk.

These two problems could easily be solved with one simple solution for which the technology already exists and which is also now readily available for practical application anywhere in the world. That solution is the replacement of internal combustion engines that burn fossil fuels and spew smelly toxic fumes and loud, ear-grating noise into the air with clean, quiet battery-operated electric engines.

China has already begun implementing this high-tech remedy to air and noise pollution by requiring motorcycles and three-wheeled vehicles in many urban areas to use battery operated engines instead of petrol combusting motors, and the improvement in the quality of life in these areas is apparent the moment you go there. This new technology, which utilises batteries that can power automobiles for many hours and days on a single recharge, is gradually being applied to four-wheeled vehicles in China as well, starting with public transport such as buses and trucks.

There is no technical reason whatsoever that Thailand cannot take advantage of this technology as well, and thereby improve the health and well-being of the entire nation, while also enhancing Thailand's appeal as a travel destination, which would greatly increase the country's income from one of its most important sources of revenue -- tourism.

There are, however, several stubborn obstacles that always block progress in Thailand as well as in many other countries, East and West, and those obstacles are political obstruction and entrenched vested interests, both of which always work for self-serving advantage at the expense of public welfare. These obstacles can only be overcome by public discussion of the nature and severity of these problems, followed by popular pressure to implement the solution.

Daniel Reid
Solche und ähnliche Leserbriefe findet man im Postbag der BP täglich seit Jahren.
Und was passiert?
Natürlich garnix!
Nein , dies stimmt nicht.
Es passiert schon was.
Es wird jeden Tag schlimmer!
Egal wer regiert oder vorgibt hier zu regieren.
Da Thailand es offensichtlich aufgegeben hat jemals mit positiven Aktionen aufzuwarten,
konzentriert man sich darauf das Land und seine Umwelt möglichst schnell
und umfassend zu zerstören.
Thailand hat keinen Krieg,keinen Bürgerkrieg, keine Terroranschäge,keine Naturkatastrophen nötig!
Man zerstört Land, Umwelt und Einwohner auch ohne dies viel besser!
Auf den Strassen Thailands werden jährlich mehr Menschen getötet, verstümmelt und verletzt
als in allen Kriegen in Afghanistan,Irak,Syrien und Somalia zusammen!

Unser "guter" Militärdiktator will angeblich in 20 Jahren die Korruption im Lande beseitigen.
Das könnte sogar stimmen denn er sieht tatenlos zu wie seine "Untertanen" das Land und
seine Umwelt so nachhaltig zerstören dass in 20 Jahren noch nicht mal mehr die
Grossbetrüger hier überleben werden!
Der Letzte macht das Licht aus bevor er nach Dubai umzieht!
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#134 Re: Wie zukunftsfähig ist Thailand denn schon?

Beitrag von berndgrimm » Fr 16. Dez 2016, 14:27

Monopolyland: Can Thailand’s Markets Ever be Fair?
By Sasiwan Mokkhasen, Staff Reporter -
December 16, 2016
When a downtown luxury hotel reopens as a wellness center next year, it will be a jewel in the crown of a private healthcare provider that has swallowed its competitors in recent years to become the realm’s largest private medical services provider.

About the time Bangkok Dusit Medical Services, or BDMS, announced its plans for Swissotel Nai Lert Park Hotel’s 15 rai of land, the group spent 1.4 billion baht to buy Mayo, another private hospital. Since 2010 it has acquired BNH, Phyathai, Paolo and Royal hospitals. It also holds majority stakes in Bumrungrad and Ramkhamhaeng hospitals.

That kind of industry consolidation has health care advocates worried about the usual things that come with less competition – rising costs and declining services. In Thailand’s unregulated private health care industry, advocates worry one corporation could gain control of the market and have an outsized influence on public health policy.

“From now on, if people are upset with costs and want to move from one hospital to another, they will likely end up at a private hospital in the same group,” said Preeyanan Lorsermvattana, a health care activist who’s campaigned against the increasing costs of private care.
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Oligopolies, duopolies and even monopolies abound in Thailand. Health care isn’t the only industry lacking in competition. Convenience stores, telecoms, brewers, movie theaters and more are dominated by just one or two players, all despite an antitrust law that in 17 years has seen a total of zero rulings against big business.

A toothless law that, by design or defect, left critical portions unfinished and therefore unenforceable.

“The law is not really defective,” said Deunden Nikomborirak, research director at the Thailand Development Research Institute, who has studied antitrust laws. “The law said the detailed regulations must be issued after. They just never made it happen.”

The military regime is the latest to tell the public it wants to strengthen the law, but unlike previous governments, it has actually made some progress. Last month a draft revision of the 1999 law was completed. Those advocating reform say it shows some signs of improvement but is unlikely to be a game changer.

That draft, submitted Nov. 1 to the junta-appointed legislature, was among a raft of laws earmarked “urgent” by the cabinet for progress before the year ends.

Meanwhile alarms continue to be raised about anti-competitive practices. 7-Eleven, which is owned by the same conglomerate as phone True Corp., last month stopped selling prepaid cards from competitor AIS. Earlier this year, a small movie distributor complained it was forced into a type of pay-to-play arrangement by a major cinema chain.

When consumers or their advocates want to cry foul, they can take their complaint to one place: the Trade Competition Committee.
Ein Grund warum wir hier weggehen werden ist dass es hier auf keinem Gebiet mehr einen Wettbewerb gibt.
Alles ist Monopolisiert, Oligopolisiert oder Mafiososiert.
Dies hat zu unverschämten Preisen,mieser Qualität und noch mieserem Service geführt.
Der schnelle Baht ist auch dieser "guten" Militädiktatur wichtiger als ein wettbewebsfähiges Land.
Ja, noch gibt es Wettbewerb bei Massagen,Friseuren,Garküchen usw.
Aber nur auf Gebieten wo sich Konglomerate nocht nicht lohnen.
Ich möchte nur den Blick auf die Supermärkte lenken wo zweieinhalb Familien das Geschäft beherrschen.
Nach dem Weggang von Carrefour hatte man versäumt eine andere internationale Gruppe ins Land zu holen.
Stattdessen gibt es heute viel zuviele Big C wo Billigzeug zu überhöhten Preisen verkauft wird.
Und TESCO würde Lotus lieber Heute loswerden als Morgen.
Überhaupt erinnert mich Lotus derzeit trotz der grossen Märkte eher an sozialistische Konsum Märkte
wegen der geringen Auswahl.
Restaurants werden von Ketten beherrscht wo man zwar viel Kulisse hat aber das Essen bestenfalls
Kantinenqualität hat.
Die Vielfalt die Thailand einmal hatte ist endgültig dahin.
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#135 Re: Wie zukunftsfähig ist Thailand denn schon?

Beitrag von berndgrimm » Fr 3. Feb 2017, 03:01

All Sor Por Kor land lease contracts for wind energy projects will be reviewed to ensure they are not misused following the Supreme Administrative Court's ruling.

The Agricultural Land Reform (Alro) secretary-general Sompong Inthong said Thursday that officials are looking into details of every contract for Sor Por Kor land leased to companies that build wind farms to generate electricity in Chaiyaphum and Nakhon Ratchasima province.

The move came the day after the Nakhon Ratchasima Administrative Court ruled that the Chaiyaphum land reform committee's decision to lease the land to Thep Sathit Wind Farm Co was unlawful and ordered it revoked.

According to the court, the land lease for the company is in breach of the agricultural land reform law which requires that allowing Sor Por Kor land use for activities besides agriculture can be done only if those activities are in the interests of farmers.

For wind farms, even though generating electricity is in the interests of the public, it is also a profit-making business and does not offer direct benefits to farmers, the court said. The court upheld the lower court's decision.

Mr Sompong said land lease contracts for wind farm projects would be revised to comply with the court's ruling.

Any contracts which breach the law based on the court's verdict will be amended. Operators will be required to consider any interests and benefits their projects can provide to farmers and, if they have any, such promises will be added in their contacts.

Mr Sompong said so far, Alro has approved Sor Por Kor land lease contracts for 19 business operators in Chaiyaphum and Nakhon Ratchasima.

In Chaiyaphum, there are 12 companies which have leased land covering 345 rai. Of them four companies are operational, six are under construction and two have not begun construction.

In Nakhon Ratchasima, seven companies received approval to lease land covering 282 rai. Two of them are operating and the remaining five are under construction.

Meanwhile, Weerapol Chirapraditkul, a member of the Energy Regulatory Commission, said the commission will hold talks with Alro next week to discuss the misuse of Sor Por Kor land for wind farm energy projects.
Thailand ist nach den USA der 80er Jahre das Land mit der grössten Energieverschwendung auf dieser Erde!
Hier kommt der Strom dank Buddha aus der Steckdose!Und ist viel zu billig, deshalb wird er verschwendet!
Genauso wie Wasser,Öl und Gas.
Zudem hat Thailand nur veraltete Stromerzeuger mir katastrophalen Abgasemissionen.
Und von alternativen Energien versteht man hier nix.
Jedenfalls so die Ausrede der Regierung weshalb es keine gibt.
Und natürlich wird Thailand einmal AKWs bekommen.
Im Schlaraffenland der Korruption lässt man sich eine so
grossartige Einnahmequelle doch nicht entgehen!

Windräder sind überall umstritten weil sie das Landschaftbild stören und Geräusche machen.
Beide Argumente gelten in Thailand nicht weil hier mutwillig jedes Landschaftsbild zerstört wird
und die Produktion von möglichst viel sinnlosem Lärm das Lebensziel der meisten Thais ist.
Und was das SorPor Kor Pachtland angeht:
Die absolute Mehrheit dieses Pachtlandes wird zu Landsitzzwecken von Reichen missbraucht!
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Beitrag von berndgrimm » Fr 17. Feb 2017, 15:36

siehe unten!
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