Mor Chit Fernbusbahnhof soll verlegt werden

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#11 Re: Mor Chit Fernbusbahnhof soll verlegt werden

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ROYALE hat geschrieben:Klaro, kannst dann die Ekkamai gleich mit dahin verlegen :idiot:

Kundschaft die in Mochit zusteigt müsste dann nach BangNa raus? Da kannst du auch gleich mit den Taxi in den Isaan fahren. :jau:
Da hab ich mich wohl unklar ausgedrückt!
Das Thema Morchit war schon erledigt.
Es geht um die Verlegung des Eastern Busterminals von Ekkamai an die Bang Na Trat.

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Das passt, sorry

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#13 Re: Mor Chit Fernbusbahnhof soll verlegt werden

Beitrag von berndgrimm » Do 13. Jul 2017, 15:51

Dieser Kommentar der jedem Busbenutzer in Thailand aus dem Herzen spricht stand heute in der BP:
The Transport Department has confirmed it plans to move the Eastern bus terminal in Ekamai out of the Sukhumvit area. The pretext? Combatting gridlocked traffic. How did I feel at hearing of this? It was a deja vu moment. Similar mistakes have happened before.

While Ekamai and Sukhumvit are notoriously congested, this is unlikely to make much of a difference. Moreover, less privileged members of society will suffer once the buses are gone.

As I write, speculation is running rampant about what deeper motivations lie behind this decision to move a terminal that has served millions of commuters over the decades.

Clearly, the land has risen in value over that period. Now it seems Transport Co, which owns the land, can no longer resist giving it up for business development (the plot has reportedly drawn interest from many developers).

Sirinya Wattanasukchai is an assistant news editor, the Bangkok Post.

It is absurd that Transport Co, which is obliged to offer an excellent standard of service, is prepared to surrender a location that commuters find very convenient because it is adjacent to Ekamai BTS station.

The decision shows a worrying lack of vision in managing public transport by a state-run company.

Back in 1998, the same company agreed to relocate one of the city's biggest bus terminals away from Chatuchak market to create more parking space at the nearby BTS station -- only to realise later this was a mistake because the terminal, which covers routes to the North and Northeast, needs to be directly linked to the city rail system.

As such, it was decided early last month the terminal (which retains the name Chatuchak) would be brought back to its original location. Even though the two sites are very close, this is expected to take six years.

What is particularly distasteful is how Transport Co -- the only state-run company tasked with providing inter-provincial public buses to commuters, especially low-income earners -- is prepared to sacrifice its main duty in exchange for money from land rental or sale.

According to its official website, it envisages becoming a modern transport hub that offers standardised service and efficiently links all regions together. Foreigners may not get this, however, as it is only written in Thai.

Some of its goals (again, only written in Thai) are to improve safety, provide greater convenience, make buses run more punctually, continue to modernise, and generally make the bus terminals better.

But if anyone has visited Chatuchak bus terminal recently, they may be surprised at how poorly maintained the facility is.

Meanwhile, the fate of Ekamai bus terminal remains up in the air. We know it will be moved, but no one knows where to. Transport Co president Chirasak Yaowatsakun told the media earlier this week that before a decision is made it must be preceded by a five-month study.

Despite this, news reports dating back to 2015 suggest the company has taken a keen interest in some land at the Bangna intersection, on the outbound corner of the Bangna-Trat Highway. This was reportedly being offered by a nearby shopping mall because "it could solve traffic problems".

It is no secret that in Thailand such decisions are not always made transparently. For example, we recently learned a 4-rai plot by the Chao Phraya River has been awarded to Iconsiam, a mixed-use property development, to use as the base for the new Bangkok Observation Tower. There was no bidding for the project.

Transport Co maintains it always planned to move the terminal out of the Sukhumvit area as the current 7.5-rai plot is too small to handle over 1,000 arrivals and departures each day. Yet the spot it is said to be considering is roughly the same size.

And, presumably, its management have not spent much time at the Bang Na Intersection, otherwise they would know how gridlocked the traffic is there. Forget making a quick U-turn. Forget making it home in time for dinner.

The new location will only work if a bridge is built allowing buses to feed into either direction, and a special exit route constructed so public vans can get downtown due to the lack of rail connection for commuters.

The relocation saga suggests Transport Co does not consider customers' convenience a high priority. If it did, it may have sent them a questionnaire seeking feedback.

So don't be surprised if Ekamai bus terminal plays musical chairs for the next decade or so before being brought back to where it is now.
Thailand hat eigentlich ein exzellentes Netz an Buslinien! Leider wird es durch katastrophales Mismanagement
absolut unbrauchbar gemacht.
Es fehlt jegliche Transparenz und Kommunikation mit den Nutzern.
Ich habe den Eindruck dass man Alles tut um die Leute ins eigene Auto oder wenigstens auf das eigene Motosai
zu zwingen.
Man tut auch überhaupt nichts um die Konnektivität der verschiedenen öffentlichen Verkehrsmiteln zu fördern.
Es gibt keine Netzkarten geschweige denn Monatskarten oder Jahreskarten für die meist armen Schweine
welche auf die offentlichen Verkehrsmittel angewiesen sind.
Die Einzelkarten sind billig, das ist wahr.
Aber wer ein paarmal umsteigen muss und immer wieder neu bezahlen muss ist schnell 200THB am Tag los.
Dass sind 5,55€ pro Tag!
In Luxemburg, einem der reichsten Länder der Welt wo das gesetlich garantierte Mndesteinkommen
pro Monat bei 1800€ liegt (Thailand im Vergleich 205€ pro Monat) kostet die Netzkarte für alle
Bus- und Eisenbahnlinien pro Tag 6€ und pro Monat 60€. Wobei die Niedrigverdiener 0€ bezahlen!
Wenn man die Qualität der Busse und Eisenbahnen vergleicht liegt LUX auf einem ganz anderen Stern
als Thailand!
Von der Konnektivität ganz zu schweigen!
In Thailand (nur in BKK) kann man mittels App höchstens erfahren wo der Bus auf den man wartet
derzeit fährt (oder steht). In Lux bekommt man nicht nur eine pünktliche Abfahtszeit sondern
auch eine Ankunftszeit inkl umsteigen!
Verkehrsstaus gibt es in LUX wahrscheinlich noch mehr als in BKK aber man hat die Fahrpläne
genau darauf eingestellt so dass die Busse selbst im Stau noch pünktlich sind!
Ich habe in 6 Jahren permanenter Busnutzung selbst bei Schnee nie mehr als höchstens
10 Minuten Verspätung gehabt!
In BKK gibt es keine Fahrpläne und die Busse fahren dann wenn die Fahrer Lust und Laune
haben. Von einem irgendwie tätigen Management kannn man nicht reden.
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